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By Steffi Lopez Gonzalez, Certified Life Coach


The Growth Mindset Program was launched to create a breakthrough and help individuals have clarity over “who they are” as well as to “where they are going”. This simultaneously provides tools to centre their minds, motivation and empowerment. Our program caters to all and are adapted to the needs of the client. Your Life Your Playground offers single private 1:1 sessions which consists of 1 hour per week over 6 weeks and a similar plan that is for teens.


Our Corporate group sessions help your team elevate with this seminar as it provides an exciting and safe space for teams to grow, share and explore topics that are not discussed in the day to day. The attendees learn about the ego, the subconscious mind, mental constructs, mindfulness, powerful communication as well a tools to calm and centre their minds. This seminar is a phenomenal team building experience. It helps for everyone to feel connected, energised and empowered. Attendees will experience higher levels of confidence and connection with each other.  This session can be tailored according to the needs of the company. 


1) The break-through
What is the ego?


2) Ego mapping, mental constructs and conditioning
Realisations of un-resourceful Patterns and Ego vs Self.


3) Introduction to Conscious Living and Mindfulness
Creating new pathways, habits and lifestyles.

4) Values elicitation, purpose and meaning
Self Exploration and Setting goal one.


5) Identification of any residual limiting belief, pattern and thoughts
The creation of the Growth Mindset and Setting goal two.


6) The power within you
Establishing your Growth Mindset routine


7) Bonus call
A guided group call with other individuals that are following the program. This call will include others experiences, struggles, their dreams and insights. This is a truly healing and humbling experience to be a part of.