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Life Coaching Testimonials


Steffi has helped me through my weakest moments and seen me through the other side on multiple occasions. 5 years ago, I went on a retreat with Steffi in Flores, Indonesia. It had been almost a year since my breakup but behind my seemingly strong facade, I was heartbroken. Something happened on this trip - it was a cathartic moment that opened me up for our mentoring sessions with Steffi where she helped me confront my sadness and take charge. My then-ex is now my husband and last year our little daughter joined our family.

I feel lucky to have started my yoga journey with Steffi and have her as my mentor. For me, it's a state of being connected, learning to feel and forgive and to just be.


Julie Ho

JP Morgan


Steffi believes in you and really pushes you to reach further and keep improving while being gentle and honest with yourself. Steffi is genuine, purposeful, motivating and can bind her audience very well with a great ability to listen. 

I would definitely recommend her, in fact I have already to my friends and husband so they too can enjoy this transformational experience. She also takes care of our Women in Business Committee.

Blanca Cantena

Santander Bank
President of Women in Business, Spanish Chamber of Commerce

Steffi is bold, creative, respective to the environment, people and their circumstances. By coaching with passion and depth, Steffi connects with your heard and mind without even realising it. I have done her group coaching and private mentoring and it was been certainly a very important experience for me both professionally and personally.


Isabel Fueyo

Operations Manager Tendam


I'm lucky to know Steffi as a coach, yoga teacher, mentor and as a friend. She seamlessly navigates these roles and has been incredibly impactful on me with her unique way of helping me stretch myself beyond what I thought my limits were both mentally and physically.

Steffi is a great communicator, listener and provides meaningful sharing and reflection, helping me grow and connect better with issues I may be facing. I always feel Steffi's presence in her preparation and effort she puts into each session we have.


Thanks Steffi for all your thoughtfulness, guidance and energy!

Shirmy Lai

Risk Management


My attitude and perspective towards life has shifted for better since being part of Steffi's mentoring group. Over the course of the last few months, she has nourished life-changing insights and awoken me to the fact that the conscious mind is deeply associated with my body. With her constant words of encouragement and affirmation, I started to appreciate my presence and love myself more.

Big thanks to Steffi for steering me onto the right path when I felt disoriented and worried about my future, empowering me to confront it with courage. I look forward to cherishing more amazing self-growth moments under her wing!

Hana Rhee

Cathay Pacific Air Hostess


Starting out as my yoga teacher with knowledge going beyond physical movements, Steffi soon got to know my struggles and dreams. She very quickly became my life coach and guided me through dark times brought about by work and life changes. 

One time during yoga practise, she was guiding me through the 'wild things' pose and I felt my heart opening with an immense sense of love and gratitude for my life. This was an amazing experience I had over 5 years ago and it has stayed with me ever since. I could not recommend Steffi enough to anyone on a self-discovery and development journey both for yoga and life coaching. 

Bea Talamona

Fashion Entrepreneur


Working with Steffi is an eye-opening experience that I am excited to continue and will never forget, I started with yoga classes and joined her Women Empowering Women coaching programme soon after. My connection to myself and my loved ones has improved significantly. Steffi has given us a chance to be truly introspective by providing a space for us to share our perspectives and helping us discover themes that bind us together as women. It has been an uplifting experience.

I would recommend Steffi to anyone who is curious, willing to grow and ready to expect the unexpected!

Genevieve Hood

National Australia Bank


I joined Steffi in a group coaching session during a retreat with the Spanish Chamber Women In Business Committee in October 2020. Our venue was an outside lawn under a giant tree. Steffi exemplified how to be genuine, vulnerable yet resilient and full of light shining from love of life! She guided us to open up and tackle personal struggles while we were aiming to build rapport and personal connections and a stronger team. Everyone opened up and it was a beautiful and bonding experience!

Jennifer Cao
President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce
BBVA Managing Director


When our hedge fund chose 'wellness' as a theme for our annual offsite, Steffi understood the needs of the firm, the senior managers and the employees. She listened, asked all the right questions and created a bespoke program completely tailored to the requirements we presented to her.

Steffi embraced with absolute enthusiasm the idea of spending a few days in Thailand with a bunch of hedge fund folks. The sessions on mindfulness were really impactful with her gift of drawing in her audience so they become participants and the net result was an incredibly interactive session.

The feedback on the seminars and Steffi herself was really positive and many of the firm's employees had reached out to her separately.

Uma Bughtiar

Legal & Compliance, Tybourne Capital


Steffi hosted a seminar for the 100 Women in Finance NextGen (HK) members in January 2018 where she focused on teaching us the tools of mindfulness and meditation and how these practises improve our well-being while decreasing stress. 

Steffi is such an engaging speaker and knows how to connect with her audience. I received many messages from members after the workshop mentioning how much they got out of it. We look forward to working with her again!

Suzie Ramos

Partner, Tor Investments



Steffi is by far the most incredible yoga instructor in Hong Kong. She has an amazing balance between motivating and healing energy which you immediately feel in her classes. Steffi is very attentive to her students and always provides hands on adjustments (to those who want), encouraging students to explore their full potential. 

I attend her Yin to Yang class weekly and always leave feeling grounded, centered and stretched! 

Monika Szegda

Banker, JP Morgan


I have been working with Steffi over the past 3.5 years. I do her yoga classes 3x a week, her 100 hours yoga mentoring programme and joined one of her yoga retreats. Each of them are unique and extremely valuable, helping me deepen my yoga journey and bringing her teachings to my daily life. 


Steffi has a special talent to read the body and push you to your limit without causing injuries. She is also a very good mentor who gives you what you need versus what you want. I would highly recommend doing her yoga, coaching and retreats no matter your level. She will intuitively guide you to discovering your own roadblocks in your  thinking and body.

Dilek Incoglu

Ex-banker and Mother


Steffi puts a lot of thought into her yoga classes and every week is a little bit different. She understands when to push you and how to support you physically and mentally throughout class to make sure your practise is what you need on that particular day. She cares deeply about her students and is invested in their lives which makes her classes a community experience.

Meredith Balenske

Head of Global Communications, Real Estate

Steffi creates a safe and high energy environment where she teaches yoga at a high standard. Her classes and teaching style transformed my perspective on yoga and quickly became my favourite part of my day. Steffi is incredibly supportive, caring is always pushing her clients to becoming the best version of themselves. She is a hard teacher to come by and I cannot recommend her enough. She literally changed my life!

Nelly Zarella



I've never been a yoga person. I thought it wasn't for me... until I met Steffi! She has opened me up to the world of yoga and self-discovery and I am so grateful. Steffi pushes me to go outside of my comfort zone both physically and emotionally and I feel so much stronger as a result. She  leads with empathy backed by extensive experience. Her results speak for themselves and I know I have Steffi's support every step of the way.

Tiffany Rogers

Consultant MK


I have been taking group and private yoga lessons with Steffi since I came to Hong Kong 4 years ago. From the moment I started with her, I knew that this was a very different yoga experience! I can honestly say she is the best yoga teacher I have come across. Her focus on alignment is very important and helps to avoid injury which is vital. She watches you like a hawk and is able to explain position changes in a way that gets the best out of every student no matter their level. 

After a wrist operation, Steffi encouraged and worked with me through my rehabilitation with adapted yoga practise until I recovered totally. I am older than most of our group and still I feel my progress has been better than I could have ever imagined and I am determined to keep it up.

I thoroughly recommend Steffi for a very special yoga experience! 

Claire Swift
Mother of 3


I've yet to meet anyone in the wellness community here with the combination of enthusiasm, expertise and energy that Steffi has. Doing my first session with her almost 6 years ago, it wasn't until recently I took up yoga and began working 1-on-1 with her that I came to understand the depth of her experience across not only physical aspects of wellness but the emotional and mental ones as well.

Steffi's ability to communicate this experience, educating and enriching her student's minds and bodies is truly unparalleled here in Hong Kong.

Damien Brosnan

Steffi is a wonderful teacher who challenges us to become better, in a non-aggressive manner. I have joined many of her group classes and private yoga lessons. The common theme between both is her genuine desire to push you close to your boundaries. She has a good idea of her student's potential and she will take you there.

She is immensely energetic, lively and definitely has a positive rub on her students. If you want to be held accountable and discover how far you can go in your physical fitness journey, I would highly recommend Steffi.

Rajeev, UK

Technology Investment

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