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Fitspiration: Steffi Lopez Gonzalez of H-Kore

Nurture both your mind and body

If your Instagram feed isn’t full of people checking in at XYZ, it’ll be full of other hip Hong Kong health-goers checking in at H-Kore. Specialising in Lagree Fitness, (essentially an amped up version of pilates practised on special machines with sliding platform and pulleys), H-Kore works and stretches your muscles to the limit for quick and effective results. It’s also great for strengthening your core, improving your balance, flexibility and endurance while giving you a little dose of cardio while you’re at it.

Highly motivating and incredibly enthusiastic, Steffi Lopez Gonzalez is just one of the trainers to look out for at H-Kore for a balls-busting (yet satisfying) full-body workout. Following a career in television and advertising, Gonzalez is now a certified life coach and yoga instructor as well as a frequent blogger.

“I found myself unfulfilled working in advertising,” Gonzalez revealed. “And, it was then, when I felt I had to listen to my heart’s call. I needed to follow my passion so I left and took up yoga training in India.”

If you have the will, Gonzalez is more than happy to help you find a way: “Everything starts with the inner desire of becoming happier and healthier. And in that sense, everything is possible. If your mind evolves, your body transforms.” Wonder how she does it? Gonzalez shares her journey in this week’s Fitspiration column:

I became a trainer… because I have an innate drive to pass on knowledge and help others be the best version of themselves. In my early twenties, I became very aware of the amazing impact that my healthy lifestyle had on all aspects of my life.

I don’t have a fitness philosophy… I’m grateful to my body and it’s my responsibility to take care of it and keep it healthy, strong and flexible.

The key to staying motivated… is to enjoy the workouts. You’ve got to have fun, whether it be yoga, H-Kore or spinning. Whatever you do, stay present and connect to your body. If you have fun, the results will come fast and your motivation will stay high.

My pre and post workout ritual… is to have a banana before exercising and finish with a fresh young coconut.

My go-to superfood… are a handful of cashews, a wheatgrass shot and a coconut-spirulina mix.

I try to have a colourful diet… I eat plenty of veggies, fruit, and coconuts. And chocolate too.

My favourite exercise… is yoga and H-Kore. I love hot flows and the Bikram series. I really enjoy the deep stretch, the warm challenge and the peaceful and relaxing feeling afterwards. H-Kore brings me to the next level on my core strength. I also love leg exercises too, my favourite moves are “Plank to Pike”, “Elevator” and “Curtsy” lunge.

I like to workout to… Barking by Underworld, Louder by DJ Fresh and Maroon 5.

Most effective five-minute workout: Skip for two minutes, then plank for one minute, do 2o push-ups and 1.5 minutes of deep squats every morning and evening.

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