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your life your playground

Steffi is​ the Founder of Your life Your playground. Wellbeing Consultant,  Teacher & International Speaker​. She ​graduated with a double degree cum laude in Communications Science from San Pablo CEU Madrid University and Inholland University in The Netherlands.

With over 10 years of experience in the International Media Business as a TV Host and Editor in The Netherlands, Spain and South America.  Steffi founded Your Life Your Playground in 2012 with the mission of empowering, guiding and encourage others living a more fulfilling and healthier life. “Generating meaningful & positive change leads the way”​ is one pillars of Your Life Your Playground.

Steffi has studied Buddhism, ​Yoga Philosophy & Mindfulness at Sivananda ​in India, Thailand, and Vipassana in Kyoto, Japan among many others. And she graduated as a NLP Coach with Global NLP in Miami Florida.

Through Corporate Seminars, International Wellbeing Retreats, Yoga Trainings, Mindfulness Workshops & Individual & Corporate Coaching; YLYP impacts and inspires individuals and organisations increase their human capital.

Steffi was selected as TEDx speaker in February 2017 and has worked with multiple global firms such as AT&T, Sunlife Financial, Tor Investment Hong Kong, Lululemon, Mandarin Oriental, The Karen Leung Foundation, Tybourne Capital, NextGen 100 Women in Finance, John Masters Organics, The Nature Consevancy, Hong Kong University, Centennial College and JLL Property Management.



Her motto: Your Life is Your Playground

Be authentic and powerful on everything you do. If your mind evolves, your life transforms. That is the path to happiness.


Passion on everything your do is the motto of our life. Motivation is just a consequence.


Without colours everything will be boring, be you and follow your dreams!


It is the sacred vibration of the whole universe.


Because it’s in giving and selfless actions that we find meaning.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Julie Ho, 33, Banking, Hong Kong Photo:

Julie Ho, 33, Banking, Hong Kong Photo:,

“Steffi introduced Yoga to me in such a wholistic way. I had previously taken a few yoga classes here and there, but it wasn’t until I joined Steffi’s Yoga retreat that I fully understood the power of yoga; I have embarked on the journey to make this my life-long practice.

With Steffi’s help, Yoga has become something personal to me. It has helped me tap into my deeper emotional knots, confront them in a physical sense, and through patience slowly unwind and be at peace with myself- body and soul.   Steffi’s classes are not for the faint- hearted. She is tough, but SO motivating. Steffi’s energy is infectious, she brings so much of herself into the class that I am motivated to give it all. I feel my body testing new boundaries every time, just when I am feeling too comfortable Steffi sneaks up from behind to give me another push or adjustment- it’s almost like she knows my body better than I do! Tough Love. Steffi, being Steffi of course brings a great amount of fun into her class as well. Leading by example, she reminds us to let go of outcomes, and just play with our body to see how it is feeling.   I love Steffi’s seamless weaving of spirituality into our movements, our practice. I look forward to every class, a place where I get tuned up literally body and mind.   Since starting yoga with Steffi three months ago, not only do I feel fitter, but I feel that a wider world has been opened up for me to explore and just play in. The is a life-long journey and I look forward to its unfolding.”

Carol Cheung, 40 yrs, Financce, Hong Kong

Carol Cheung, 40 yrs, Financce, Hong Kong,

“The retreat I assisted with Steffi is completely beyond my expectation. The yoga sessions we had may look basic and but it’s very intense. Steffi was able to correct us on minor details and make sure we get all the basic right. She was able to plant all those techniques in my mind and I am still able to apply it after I came back to HK no matter I am doing self practice or other instructors.

For life coaching, I am very surprise Steffi can spot my issue within very short period of time and able to offer me advice. Her advice are still in my mind and the most amazing thing is Steffi was able to combine the yoga and life coaching into one. The technique she taught us in yoga can actually apply in day to day life, and the way she ended each session of yoga is extremely peaceful and I found it very touching. I feel very peaceful after each yoga session and I would say her yoga session is definitely also a spiritual journey.

I would definitely highly recommend her yoga retreat and life coaching session, I believe it would be beneficial to everyone.

May Ho Lin, 57 yrs, Finance, Malasya

May Ho Lin, 57 yrs, Finance, Malasya,

“I am a Big Big Fan of Steffi.I first met her at a pilates studio in Central where she was one of the trainers there. I found her to be energetic and fun. But there was more to her when I got to know her on a personal level after a few of us girls joined her retreat in Bali this year. It has been a life changing experience for me and she is my mentor in Yoga. She has since become my personal yoga trainer and I have been attending her rooftop yoga classes. Steffi is so passionate and full of enthusiasm in her yoga teaching. She strives to bring the best out of us. Always seeing the goodness in people and her positive energy is so infectious. Her teaching is about knowing how we can connect to our self, our body and mind. Making little changes and effort each day to become a better, stronger and healthier person. She is definitely a tough yoga teacher but in a very good way with heaps of gentle words of encouragement. I say a perfectionist and that is why we love her.”

Katie T. Larson (32) PHD Student & Teacher, USA

Katie T. Larson (32) PHD Student & Teacher, USA,

 I feel so grateful to have a yoga coach that really understands my body, my abilities, and my goals. Steffi takes the time to really listen to where I am and where I want to be in my yoga practice, actively watch how my body moves, then gives me fantastic guidance on where to go next. I feel that she really cares about my progress and pushes me to levels I didn’t know I could attain. Her comments are always so specific and you can tell she is fully devoted to your success. She is by far the best personal instructor I have had and I wish I met her years ago!

Gemma Tregenza, Australian

Gemma Tregenza, Australian,

Steffi is such an energetic, fun-loving, motivating person; her energy and smiles are contagious. Her workouts are not only extremely effective, but they are fun! I really like that Steffi will help to encourage you to push yourself a little further out of your comfort zones. Steffi has taught me how to be more in tune with my body, and for that I am grateful – it has made a huge difference to my everyday life. I have no hesitancy in recommending Steffi. She is an amazing trainer and yoga instructor, and an all round lovely person.

Matty (37) Finance – Surfer – Explorer of everything, Australian

Matty (37) Finance – Surfer – Explorer of everything, Australian,

“When you are staring at a mountain of turbulent whitewater about to hit you don’t need your mind saying “I’m exhausted, I have no breath left, I can’t do this, this is bad”. My experience with Steffi centers on training for a specific purpose, to surf better and bigger waves. I spent a month in Hawaii during big wave season in 2015 and needed to train for that while still doing my day job. My intention was strength improvement however Steffi designed a much more holistic program. She absolutely helped me find new limits of strength then added yoga, stretching, NLP and meditation to find new depths of breath and calm during hard exertion. Exactly what a surfer needs when you get caught on the wrong side of the ocean. Steffi is fun, abundantly positive, knowledgable and drew on multiple disciplines to help me achieve my goal, we worked hard and had a great time doing it together. Her constant positive nature and compassion are unique, she is unlike any personal trainer I have met, she works with the whole person, mind, body and soul and made all 3 sweat! When I hit Hawaii I was strong, confident and had a new skill Steffi had taught me, breathing really deep in those moments of extreme exertion and using that to push the limit further with mental clarity. So when those mountains of whitewater got me I could hear Steffi “breathe Matty breathe” and I found my mind knew I had this and could focus on ultimately just loving my surfing and feeling safe in the water. Thank you Steffi, you helped me achieve my goal but more importantly helped boost my confidence(and safety) in the ocean, much Aloha & Mahalo to you.