Talks & seminars

Get your team or organisation motivated and in a healthy and positive mindset. Conferences, talks and seminars are a wonderful way to bring your team and audience together creating a positive impact.

Hiring a motivational speaker on Conscious Living and Wellness can address the issues and educate audiences on the importance of living a healthy, conscious, active and a balanced lifestyle.

It can improve the mindset and interaction between individuals, motivate audiences to reach goals individually and collectively and it can transform and shift for the good the individual’s overall attitude towards different situations in life.

Seminars conscious living

Living a conscious life means living a happier and well lived life. Seminars on conscious living help individuals to become more aware of their thought patterns, internal dynamics, dynamics in relation with external situations and communication with other individuals.

Seminars on conscious living can be a great resource to get your crowd in a positive mindset and motivated. They offer a refreshing and energising outlook on possibilities. 

The conscious living seminars unlock new frameworks of reference and are practical tools that your audience can use in the immediate.

“Powerful talks are tools for people to have a better life”


  • The result of living out of empowering thoughts
  • Use adversity in your advantage
  • Personal growth is a lifestyle
  • How to live a fearless life
  • A mindful life is a full lived life
  • The power of embracing uncertainty
  • The power of vulnerability
  • The importance of a powerful vision to reach goals
  • Live a balanced life
  • How to nurture mind, body and spirit
  • Wellness in practice
  • Emotions matter: how to be a master of them
  • The power of positive affirmations